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Jatropha curcas is a perennial, small tree growing to a height of about 3-5 meters. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions of any type of soil from poorest, stony to saline soils. It can survive in low rainfall conditions (200 mm) and in hot climatic conditions. It lives for 40-50 years. Jatropha can be cultivated as a commercial crop due to its diverse uses. For commercial cultivation, a little bit of care, some nutrition and moderately low watering could do wonders to a cultivator with significantly low investments.


  1. The seeds yield up to 35-45% oil which is non-edible 

  2. The oil is a commercially viable alternative to diesel oil because it burns without emitting any smoke and has a very good burning quality

  3. Engines do not need any modification for using this oil 

  4. Oil cake is a good biofertilizer 

  5. Glycerin obtained during the refining of oil can be used in pharmaceuticals and for various other purposes 

  6. Oil is also used in soap industry 

  7. Latex, oil cake, leaves, and oil are known to possess antimicrobial properties and are used as pest protectants

Labland's Role in promoting Jatropha curcas

Labland is producing about 100 million Tissue culture derived Jatropha curcas plants to be distributed through the global bio-diesel major, M/s D1 Oils plc, UK, to globally earmarked biodiesel production countries situated in India, Africa, Central Asia and South America. Labland has developed a completely integrated Jatropha curcas-Centre for cultivation methods, Contract farming, Buy-back of seeds, and Crude oil extraction. Labland is also aiming at setting up a full fledged refinery for bio-diesel production and utilization of byproducts of Jatropha curcas seeds in the coming years.

Services offered*

  1. Supply of seed germinated seedlings of selected high yielding clones 

  2. Supply of high yielding clones of Jatropha curcas produced through tissue culture technology 

  3. Contract farming of Jatropha curcas 

  4. Buy-back of seeds for crude oil extraction 

  5. Crude oil extraction and supply 

* Conditions apply wherever agreements are involved.

Jatropha curcas - Photo Gallery

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Seedlings in the nursery

A close up of seedlings

A seedling growing in the soil

Flowers of Jatropha

Fruit-bearing plant

Refined biodiesel from Jatropha seeds

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