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Labland Biotech, a Private Limited Company floated in the year 1994, is a global player in the field of Plant Biotechnology, with a fully equipped laboratory at Mysore, South India.

Labland has customer base in the homeland - India, and in Europe, North America, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Japan and South East Asia.

As a Plant Science Company, Labland is committed to finding solutions to the growing needs for food and health by sharing common forms in science and technology among horticulture, agriculture and health.

Labland is emerging as one of India's few Companies possessing the high-tech know-how for plant propagation through tissue culture on a vast scale, and for improving and evolving new varieties of Horticultural crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal plants, Foliages and Ornamentals. Since tissue culture is a branch of modern Biotechnology, the Company has amalgamated the traditional skills of mass propagating the plants with modern scientific tools.

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