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Our Laboratory

Honorable Minister of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka

Dr.S.B.Mathur, Director, Danish Government Institute 
of Seed Pathology, Denmark.

Inoculation Room

Inoculation in LF chamber underway

Culture Growth Room [one]

Culture Growth Room [Two]

Culture Growth Room [Three]

Culture Growth Room - Close Up

Visitors in the Lab


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Visitors in the Greenhouse

Visitors in the Greenhouse

Walk-in Poly tunnels

  Dr.S.B.Mathur in the Green house

A view of the Greenhouse

Shade-net House for Secondary Nursery

Product mix in the Greenhouse

Acclimatizing in Greenhouse

Banana in the Secondary Nursery Stage

Vanilla being trained under shade-net

Yielding Banana - Close Up

Yielding Banana in the field

Visitors in the Greenhouse

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Labland at Exhibitions

Stalls of Labland at Exhibitions
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