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Labland Biotech Private Limited, Mysore
Labland is a DBT-recognized National Training Center in Plant tissue culture, Microbiology, Seed technology, Biotechnology and all aspects of Jatropha plant science and biodiesel production. It has well-equipped R & D and commercial laboratories at Mysore, India. The Company has a team of experienced professionals and experts in each of the specified areas.  Labland is recognized as a Research Center by the University of Mysore for carrying out advanced research leading to Ph. D.  Labland routinely trains Biotech students selected by Biotech Consortium India Limited, an arm of DBT under BITP program

About the Training Course
There are ample career opportunities awaiting young, inexperienced graduates with a large number of commercial biotechnology sectors spread all over India.  However, the Biotechnology industries always look for young graduates/post graduates with practical knowledge in the field in order to obtain best results from their human resource asset

Labland is offering training to fresh science undergraduates/graduates/post-graduates willing to pursue their career in Biotechnology. The training course intends to provide competence in advanced techniques in Molecular biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Seed technology, Plant tissue culture, Hi-tech horticulture/Floriculture, Biodiesel production and establishing Jatropha plantations for youngsters aspiring to gain entry into allied industries.
1.Microbiology                                                         Course Fee:Rs.6,000/-

         Microscopy and Micrometry

         Preparation and sterilization of specific media

         Isolation and microbial cell culture techniques by serial dilution

         Techniques of microbial cell staining and identification

         Antibiotic production by culturing Penicillium chrysogenum

         Assessment of antimicrobial activity of penicillin

         Estimation of microbial cell concentration using Haemocytometer

         Yeast cell immobilization


2.Biochemistry                                                        Course Fee:Rs.6,000/- 

         Extraction of protein by different methods

         Estimation of protein by different methods

         Electrophoresis of proteins (Native and SDS PAGE)

         Thin layer chromatography

         Enzyme Kinetics

3.Seed biotechnology                                            Course Fee:Rs.6,000/-             

         Physical purity test

         Determination of 1000 seed weight

         Tetrazolium test for seed viability

         Determination of quality and vigour index of seeds - the Brine solution method

         Seed microflora test - the Standard Blotter method

         Isolation and identification of seed borne organisms

         Differentiation of normal and abnormal seedlings

         Seed protein analysis by the SDS-PAGE

4.Plant Tissue Culture                                             Course Fee: 6,000/- 

         Sterilization of implements and accessories

         Media preparation and sterilization

         Explant selection and micropropagation techniques

         Aseptic culture concepts and growth room maintenance

         Grading, packing and dispatch

         Fumigation of Laboratory

5.Greenhouse technology                                         Course Fee: 6,000/-             

         Introduction to greenhouse acclimatization of tissue culture plants

         Preparation of implements, accessories and planting media

         Planting techniques and Primary acclimatization in poly tunnels

         Primary acclimatization in walk-in- tunnels or greenhouse

         Secondary nursery care and maintenance of greenhouse hardened plants in the shade house

6.Seed oil extraction & Biodiesel production        Course Fee: Rs.6,000/- 

         Extraction and Estimation of oil by solvent extraction method

         Extraction and Estimation of oil by mechanical expeller method

         Transesterification of seed oils in lab-scale

         Biodiesel production in large scale

         Estimation of physico-chemical properties of Oil/Biodiesel

7.Hi Tech Plantation establishment and crop management     
Course Fee: Rs. 6,000/-

(For any one)



8.Hi Tech Floriculture and crop management                                       Course Fee: Rs. 6,000/-(each)



.         Orchids

9.Entrepreneurial guidance                                        Course Fee on request

            Developing Business Plan


a)    Developing overall strategy

b)    Promoting the product/ service

c)    Building brand image

            Book Management

            Legal and other Statutory requirements

            Financing the business (Bankers/ Investors)

            Organizational Structure

            Management of different departments

            SWOT Analysis of the Business


Objectives outlined above are fulfilled wherever required, through

         Classroom sessions / Special talks by subject experts

         Demonstrations / Do-it-Yourself Workshops

         Group Discussions

         Library and Internet access

         Visits to Fields / Sites / Industries / Research Institutes

NOTE: Training under package course, a candidate can pick up a set of 2 or more individual course for which 5% discount in the course fee will be offered.  Similarly, if there are more than 10 candidates from a single college as a batch, 5% discount in the course fee will be offered.



Project fee: Rs. 25,000/-                                                   Duration: 3 months


Facilities and guidance for B. Sc., M. Sc. & Engineering candidates to carryout Project work in Plant tissue culture, Hi-tech Horticulture, Floriculture, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biodiesel related aspects are available.



For more details please contact:

Labland Biotech Private Limited
8th  K.M., K.R.S. Main Road, Mysore 570 016
Phone: 8050006777  Fax: 91 821 2581148



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