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    Reserach services

  • Contract research in relation to Jatropha curcas and other crops for region-specific requirements.

  • Develop tissue culture production-protocol  for any crop and supply the starter multi cultures.

  • Provide training in plant biotechnology, microbiology, seed technology, molecular biology, tissue culture, Jatropha cultivation/plantation management/greenhouse hardening and nursery management for any crops.

Commercial Services

  • Supply high quality tissue cultured plants of Jatropha and other varieties of ornamental foliages, medicinal plants and forest tree crops.

  • Supply high quality, certified seeds of Jatropha for planting purpose.

  • Custom production of ornamentals and foliages through tissue culture.

  • Contract cultivation of Jatropha curcas with assured buy-back agreement.

Technical Consultancy

  • Consultancy to establish successful plantations of Banana, Anthuriums, Gerbera, Orchids and Jatropha curcas.

  • Consultancy to establish region-specific R & D facility for Jatropha curcas and other crops.

  • Consultancy to establish tissue culture facility.

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